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the health care law. that vote took place just a day after president obama proposed changes that would allow people who received cancellation notices to keep their plans for another year. next, a roundtable discussion from this morning's washington journal about the future of the health care law in light of the actions by congress and the president. >> two publications represented on the sunday roundtable. michael warren, the staff writer for "the weekly standard," and paul walden, thank you for being with us. i wanted to get with you because you have this memo to democratic chicken little, the sky is not falling. the headlines focusing on the beginning of the end when it comes to domestic agenda items. >> i think we have the tendency to believe -- whatever is happening right now is going to be that way forever. you might remember a couple of months ago people were saying that the fact that barack obama couldn't get a vote on his proposal to have the action against syria and his presidency was crippled. then we had the shutdown. people were saying the republicans were never going to win anot
with republicans, hurt the republican brand in virginia. it also delayed people being upset about obama care. because had the obama care begun on october 1, the whole debacle of the rollout and the exchanges, you might have had months of ken cucinelli running with twinned at his back, with the national narrative beating up on obama care, cucinelli might have had a great last month, the money might have flowed in, and he might have won. but virginia republicans can blame both the establishment and the tea party i think for this one. it's a real missed opportunity. >> what is the message coming out of that gubernatorial race for both parties? >> there's several messages. they've known ken cucinelli for a decade. i like him a lot. i was rooting for him as well as a conservative certainly. but there are several lessons. one i think is clear happening in the national level clearly impacted what's happening with the local races, right across the potomac from washington, d.c. i do think the shut down hurt him. there are a lot of things along the way. one thing that republicans need to learn. it hap
on facebook or twitter as well. us.can always e-mail new york times. obama proposal worries insurers and regulators. obama tries to quite a political uproar by suggesting on thursday that consumers can keep their current health care. he said they had not been consulted in advance about the proposal. might seriously damage the new insurance marketplace. after the insurance announce the changes, insurance regulators participated in a heated conference call where many expressed deep unhappiness about the proposal. some felt the president threw them under the bus on the condition -- after the insurance announce -- some felt the president threw them under the bus. it may lead to market disruptions, said the president of the national association of insurance commissioners. 9:00ouse is coming in at to debate keeping your health care. a formal house issued veto threat of a bill offered by house republicans that would allow insurance companies to continue offering health plans that existed before the beginning of the new year. upton, ansored by fred republican of michigan. it is coming up for
, everybody. cable satellite corp. 2013] national captioning institute] >> later in the day, president obama laid a wreath at john f. kennedy's grave in arlington national cemetery. he was accompanied by first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton and hillary clinton. the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination is friday. ♪ [taps playing] >> president obama spoke about president kennedy's legacy wednesday evening and a dinner honoring the middle of freedom recipients. >> he was introduced by president kennedy's grandson, the son of car line kennedy. his is 15 minutes. >> thank you for that wonderful introduction. i want to thank president obama and mrs. obama for inviting me here tonight. and for all of you for being here with us. i want to thank my family members who came. it would have been my great uncle robert kennedy's birthday today. and while we are on the subject of birthdays, you are all invited to my 21st. in february 1960 three, my grandfather, president john f. kennedy, formally established the annual presentation of the presidential medal of freedom. honoring p
bipartisan. he breaks with obama after sandy. that may be a problem with conservatives later. i think he is someone you can envision as a leader and i think he will win by a wide margin. >> john, when you look at what is happening in new jersey, barbara buono, how bad was her campaign? how many were her mistakes and was it just christie's moment? >> i am a resident of new jersey as well. i don't think there was a democratic candidate that attracted media attention. barbara buono was a decent legislator, but almost everyone was recommending christie. i think it became an exercise for the democrats -- if we're going to win, we're going to throw all our efforts into virginia. that is why ken cucinnelli is being outspent 10 to one. i agree with kellyanne very much. the number for new jersey to watch is 40, not just for hispanics, but asian voters. look at middle fax county, new jersey. they have the two largest towns, both over 100,000 people, are both 1/5 asians. i believe that if kristi can crack 40 among asians and hispanics that will give him a lot too, what josh said, calling cards that
president obama marks veterans day at the tom of the unknowns. and our series of first >> president obama marked veterans day a wreath at the tomb of the unknown in arlington national cemetery. mr. obama spoke about ending the war in afghanistan. paid honor to richard overton. this is just under an hour. [bells] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ [taps] ♪ america the beautiful ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen,please welcome major general jeffrey buchanan, commanding general, united states army. [applause] mr. patrick hallinan, national cemeteries director. [applause] mr. harold fritz, national president for the congressional medal honor society for the united states of america. [applause] and the honorable eric k. shinseki, secretary of veterans affairs. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] ♪ [ hail to the chief ] ♪ ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing, please place your hand over your heart, or render the salute. ♪ ♪ please remain standing for the prayer for all veterans. delivered by the department of chaplainaffairs service.
-american, black beple, in our country will crazy surprised when obama comes out with a turban on his head. i believe that this man is not black. >> you believe he is not black? i guess we will not find out. thanks for your calls. next i will tell you about tomorrow morning on washington journal. we start the day with a look at the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy in dallas. we start the day with david hawking's on the washington journal talking about how the white house prepared for kennedy's the funeral. richard rees will talk about the legacy of john kennedy 50 years after his death. and a family-friendly harvey oswald, the assassin, will be our guest tomorrow on "washington journal." the we take you to beginning of the debate on the senate floor over the change in senate old buster rules. -- senate filibuster rules. >> the american people believe that the senate is broken. i believe the american people are right. the united states has wasted unprecedented amount of time. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. congress should be passing legisla
a bullet, just barely, not because of the obama administration's efforts, i'm sorry to say, and not because of the efforts of the united kingdom, i'm sorry to say. but because of the french. and we have them to thank. the talks, and i quote, unexpectedly fell apart at the last minute when the french foreign minister publicly objected to what he called a sucker's deal, meaning that the united states was prepared to begin lifting sanctions on iran in exchange for tentative iranian promises that they would slow their multiple nuclear programs. now this is very important that i read this, mr. speaker. because brett stevens goes on to say in his article, not stop their nuclear program, not suspend their nuclear program, mind you. much less dismantle them. but merely reduce their pace. from troun jog. when they're on mile 23 of their nuclear marathon. he said it says a rot about the administration that they so wanted a deal that they would have been prepared to make one. and what this deal would have meant, quite simply, mr. speaker is that we would have seen an iran with a nuclear bomb very soon
and the obama administration has already made major concessions for getting in except the bull but permanent arrangement, in my view. this is a flawed agreement that risks reducing pressure on iran in the next six months in return reneged upon issues. billion to $7 billion over the next six months. the danger is that easing sanctions as part of an interim deal and it will diminish the pressure of undermining the leverage and reduce the ability to get a better deal at the end. they are not required to comply with the u.n. council resolutions that called for a halt in uranium enrichment and them to continue bad behavior. that russia has been contracted to fuel the facility at least for the next 10 years. interimproblem is the deal which creates a six-month window for further figures she nation may hinder the ability to reach a good final deal. there may never be a final deal. up -- iran mayg string this up and engage in tactics to force the eager obama administration to enter into accords with corresponding sanctions relief. we have seen how temporary these congeal into permanent solutions in
's agenda runs through the -- president obama's agenda runs through the d.c. circuit. you can't get what you want through the congress because the american people in november, 2010, said they had had enough. they issued a national restraining order after watching two years of this administration unrestrained, so now it runs through the bureaucracy and the d.c. circuit. as i said, in short, unlike the first two years of the obama administration, there is now a legislative check on the president and the administration doesn't much like checks and balances. so it wants to circumvent the people's representatives with an aggressive regulatory agenda, and our democratic colleagues want to facilitate that by filling up a court that will rule on his agenda, a court that doesn't even have enough work to do, especially if it means changing the subject from obamacare for a few days. and get this -- they think they can change the rules of the senate in a way that benefits only them. they want to do it in such a way that president obama's agenda gets enacted but that a future republican agenda couldn't g
. live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> president obama will pardon the turkey tomorrow morning at the white house live at c-span on 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> this is the rose garden and a very special place in particular because mrs. nexen was instrumental for designing. she had an affinity for roses. she was instrumental in opening up the white house for garden tours in the spring, a tradition that continues to this day. this was developed in 1972 by a .rench designer it is the only rows that will continually grow what the white rose.-- it is the only there were only steps away from the 1910 farmhouse. story on theeat epitaph that she chose herself. she wanted to meet the people effected.ffect did -- one of the reporter said to you, what good will any of this do if the people you're speaking to cannot understand what you are saying? peopled, even when cannot understand your language, they can see what is in your heart. see it saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern and the series continues at firstay as we look lady betty ford. >> the heritage foundation hosted a panel discussion cr
, following up on that point, two forces right now, president obama, senator cruz. how to they shape the 2014 races, senate democrats, senate republicans, republican candidates? >> let me talk about obamacare, just to follow up on what everyone has been saying. i agree with john if there's one finding from political science that rings true, it is voters are myopic. voters move on from big issues that we in washington think are catastrophic -- we think are world changing and a week late it's off the agenda. look at the government shutdown as an example of how quickly that is just in the rearview mirror. o how will obamacare figure in 2014? none of us have any idea. right now it's a technical problem, if they fix the website and people are signed up by january, it may not be an issue. >> no, it's a structural problem. >> let me finish. we have statewide elections, in virginia, they're deciding the fate of obamacare in virginia. >> medicaid expansion. >> that's the big state issue. so if you think of obamacare's impact in virginia, it's -- the pro-obamacare argument is carrying the day. in new j
, good morning. i do believe president obama did mislead us. anybody who is paying attention knew he very beginning supported single-parent health time. for long that is his philosophy. disingenuously, tried to show that he was a moderate. really he was not from the beginning. to get his things through he had to lie about these things to disguise his intentions. upthe media had just stood and told the american people what he actually supported, which is top-down, bureaucratic z,nagement of everything, a- he never would have gotten elected. they figured anything was better than a republican. if you look at all the things he supported and the way he got ,hat health care bill through going to different states and browbeating and putting in to help them -- nebraska and pays his like that -- and places like that -- it was not genuine us -- genuine. host: reuters reporting this morning that the health group dropped thousands of doctors from its health group from recent weeks. the story is available online from yahoo! news. it says -- the company also supported more health care premiums on medic
against chris christie. i believe she will lose because she is too connected to obama. president obama has done a lot of damage in this country with medical care, benghazi, the irs, there's no sense in me going on like that. shame -- iis a believe that is going to hurt her. clintoncare for hillary because i like her husband bill clinton. i thought he was a great president. personal life his personal life but i think as far as the economy, he was wonderful. all people ofr all classes and all color. christie is in the middle. she is too far to the left. toshe wants to the ash wants be president she's to come to the middle. if she wants to be president she needs to come to the middle. i think ted cruz is stubborn. the believe he hurt republican party. i believe his intentions were good. go tou have to be able to the middle and look at both parties. i don't think he is willing to do that. i like senator rubio. people came here illegally, they brought their children with them. i know they say they want to do good for these people, i think it has to do with votes more than it has to do with the
new sanctions and tougher sanctions that the obama administration is warning could derail the whole talks. the plan from republicans was to push them on the bill. on friday, leadership aides were suggesting there would not be time to finish the defense bill and have a vote on the sanctions. david bidder who held up the bill on last week over his obamacare mms says reid was trying to turn him into a scapegoat in saying there would not be enough time. >> another issue is sexual assault in the military. who is leading the effort, and how is it expected to be handled during the debate. a very vocal issue. democrats on both sides that are leading the charge. kristin angela brandt is leading a proposal that would push the issue of prosecuting cases outside the chain of command. the measure has ordered a seven senators, including ted cruz and rand paul, as well as most women's democrat in the senate. it is opposed by senate mccaskill and leaders of the senate armed services committee. it is really one of those debates that is not falling along party lines. what are the other issues that co
board was announced during president obama's present visit in the spring of 2000. it was anllection is american proposal from the security council, essentially to give expression to the fact that we were already doing a great deal of foreign policy at aination, discussion strategic level in any event. and it has been a couple of years since i have been in washington, so i do not think the government at the time was saying that. and this is something that was fundamentally different -- different and new. i think it is useful but not absolutely essential to the overall relationship. just getting the team together on the american side, which hampered its first few months, but i would not myself think that this was critical to the issue of inking forward. i think that has to be done to some degree by the prime minister and the president. they have little time together, so it is very much something that needs to be included in the regular meetings at the foreign secretary level and then at the theor official level, like political director and others in the foreign office. you have this o
-paid court -- well. fastesident obama is approaching his sixth year of presidency. bush, ando president a fierce critic in regards of --in afghanistan. >> you're going to be sorry. >> let me take it back. yourwould like to ask you, decision to invade iraq, millions of americans and iraqis , aramaic reason given publicly has ruined -- turned out not to be true. why did you really want to go to war? from the moment you stepped into house,h -- the white what was your real reason? it did not have living to do with oil, or anything else? with respect to your question, i do not want war. to assume that i wanted war, is flat wrong, helen, in all due respect. hold on a second. excuse me. no president wants war. everything you may have heard is that, but it is simply not true. defense of about the this country changed on september the 11th. vowede got attacked, i then and there to use every asset at my disposal to protect the market people -- the american people. started with a little bit of levity, went very serious, and then stern and angry. >> she had been talking to him about calling on her
when the gets underway which should be soon. hours afterening 24 president obama was and governor perry apostate speaking in dallas talking about -- governor perry's state in dallas talking about the obamacare law. tonight'sreview of speech and some comments on the appearance yesterday. president obama was fundraising in dallas yesterday. rick fund-raising and i with this evening. washington bureau chief for "dallas morning news" joins us by phone. texas is one of the chief sources of resistance to the healthcare law. what did the president accomplish in his visit yesterday? >> the primary goal seemed to be fund-raising and he raised a large sum and we don't know the exact amount for the democratic senatorial campaign committee which will go to states other than taxes because texas democrats are not very competitive. up for reelection but the democrats don't seem to be making a run at him. i was clearly a top goal. far as pitching obamacare, it does make sense for him in a lot of ways to go to a place like are a high there number of uninsured americans, a high percentage of texans, roug
into our around the clock. i do think you heard about bush and now clinton fatigue you are about obama fatigue. there is an element of the saturation coverage that any president today attracts is ironically both potential he his great asset. it gives him great incident instant and total access to the public, but it is also a potential danger. the danger of overexposure. i think that is one factor. i think another factor is often you have burnout. you have some of the best people who come in at the beginning of the administration and there is oftent wave of energy, change and excitement. it is for difficult to sustain that for a years. the time you get to his second term, a lot of those people are gone, congress may very well be feeling its oats and may be more initially.han you may have problems within your own party. there are a number of factors that come together, but one of them clearly is, as i said earlier, hubris. when presidents, particular ly those who are strongly reelected maybe even more than as richarded, such nixon and watergate and bill clinton and lewinsky. there is hi
. they are already under fierce attack from republicans over the health care laws. obama now faces democratic concerns that the troubled start of the insurance program will cut into the political benefits that the party received from the government shutdown and might cost government -- democratic candidates in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote th
. everyone knows barack obama is a good speaker. i don't think he will wow us with his rhetoric anymore. that republicans are poised to win a of seats in the midterms. i don't know if it will be enough to take back the senate, but it might be. it has nothing to do with the rhetoric, at least not currently. with action and obamacare. i think it is entirely possible -- i was talking to an insurance insider on friday. nobody in the industry believes that the obamacare exchanges will be fixed by november 30, which was the fallback promise. aside from the other promise that you could keep your insurance. i think it is possible you will who, ifocrats -- november 30 comes and goes and the obamacare website is not fixed, they will begin having to assess their political survival. they are either going to jump up turnjump off the ship and on this health care law or they will probably go down. i think it is very likely that republicans will have a good 2014. if that happens, nothing succeeds like success. .inning covers a multitude if you are on a football team that is losing, you have bickering i
, on january 15, 2009, in order to get obamacare passed, president obama promised america, quote, if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. no one will be able to take it away no matter what, end quote. on june 28, 2012, in order to get re-election votes, president obama promised, quotes, if you are more than the 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable, end quote. president obama's recent apology for its deception has not stopped cancellation of millions, millions of american health insurance plans nor slowed the obamacare costs skyrocketing health insurance costs. obamacare forces to on the one hand, pay higher obamacare health insurance costs and cut money for food, shelter and clothing or go without health insurance and pay tax penalties while risk health care bankruptcy. max baucus, the senate sponsor of obamacare, warned us earlier this year that obamacare was a train wreck waiting to happen. well, the verdict is in. obamacare is
. there is our website. you can ask that. a picture first lady michelle obama this morning. about a new role she takes on today. in her new project, mrs. obama will work with the education department -- here is karl from berkeley springs, west virginia, republican line. caller: good morning. can take to generalists looking at the same thing, the same story -- two journalists looking at the same thing, the and they can skewed either left or right. it either left or right -- they can skew it either left or right. on msnbc, he is supposed be a middle-of-the-road criminalist. he says every time obama speaks thrill up his leg. people do have more liberals calling and setting conservatives. am concerned, that goes to the character of the caller, if he wants to pull a fraud on this program and claim a republican when he is a bleeding heart liberal. echoes of the person's character. host: that is carl from berkeley springs, virginia. from twitter -- from e-mail -- this is larry on the phone from ohio. hello. i get to watch tv for the last eight years. events and live listen to the comments on msnbc, and
with the bush administration, began slowly with the obama administration, but it did become a central part of the administration's policy from year one or you're too, i would say, of the obama administration. you can argue about whether it was as vigorous as it might have been, but that was something that was a very clear asked by the u.k. of the u.s. to adopt a different approach to that. i think we got there in the end. the arms trade treaty you mentioned. we hads something where initially quite a negative reaction, but where, not just british lobbying about lobbying by others, as well, brought united states around the position which was adopted under the president. on climate change, i think you aed to look at this through complicated prison. under the bush administration. there was no way through in terms of getting our objectives met at the federal level. we had to concentrate on a very different strategy of trying to and agreement at the local and state level in the united states. we had some success in that, which is continuing in my time at the end of the bush administration and th
-- the health care sector. president obama said he did not know any of this stuff was going to happen. he said that he had no idea that these problems were coming. we had kathleen sebelius come to the committee and say that everything was ready to go. here is the issue -- if you outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance that people have in their surprise that people don't have that? we talked about that in the 2010 elections. we talked about it in the 2012 elections. we knew all of this was happening at the time. we heard all of the soaring rhetoric and all of these problems and now we see what is happening. the way i see it, there are only two explanations. either they were being dishonest or they are just incompetent. frankly, i don't know which one is the worse. i think the left -- i think they are learning a pretty valuable lesson here. i think the valuable lesson that we are learning here, unfortunately, with all the human collateral damage with the obamacare spectacle is th
captioning institute] >> president obama spoke about president kennedy's legacy wednesday evening and a dinner honoring the middle of freedom recipients. >> thank you for that wonderful introduction. i want to thank president obama and mrs. obama for inviting me here tonight. and for all of you for being here with us. i want to thank my family members who came. it would have been my great uncle robert kennedy's birthday today. and while we are on the subject of birthdays, you are all invited to my 21st. 1960 three, my grandfather, president john f. kennedy, formally established the annual presentation of the presidential medal of freedom. madeing persons "who have exceptionally meritorious contributions to the security and national interests of the united states, to world peace, crotch role, or other significant doublet or private endeavors." my grandfather, a veteran of world war ii, a u.s. congressman and senator and president, use the avenue of public service to make his kind basins to this country, this planet, and all men. he recognized his path was but one of many and that s
in the country past the host: president obama was confronted by protesters monday demanding he do more to push the issues on immigration. meanwhile, he argued congress was standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform. republican run house has not taken action on the issue. time is running out. there are few working days for congress left this calendar year. that is our topic today. should immigration reform be a priority? welcome to " washington journal" this november 26. if you would like to join in the conversation, you can call in the line for democrats is (202) 737-0001 republicans the line is (202) 737-0002 and for independence (202) 628-0205. you can also reach out to us on social media. twitter you can find this -- find us at the http://twitter.com/cspanwj. e-mail you can reach out journal@c-span.org. now to immigration, starting with the headline in this morning's " new york times" -- joining us now to break down the issue is david harrison. thank you for joining us by phone this morning. biggest takeaways from the president speech in san francisco yesterday? despite think e
with -- weekend, president obama talks about the observations made by president -- servicemen and servicewomen. there is a republican address. he talks about the impact of the health care law since its implementation. >> hello, everybody. veterans day weekend is a chance for all of us to state two simple words -- thank you. thank you to that greatest generation who fought island by island across the pacific to free millions from fascism in europe. thank you to the heroes who risked everything through the bitter cold of korea and stifling heat of vietnam. thank you to all the heroes who have served, most recently our 9/11 generation of veterans from iraq and afghanistan. now that more of them are coming home, we need to serve them as well as they serve us, and that requires more than a simple thank you, especially from those of us who have been elected to serve. i have often said that my top priority is growing the economy, creating jobs, and restoring middle-class security, and a very important part of that is making sure every veteran has every chance to share in the opportunity he or she has
the health-care law. president obama -- president clinton says prez obama, honor your pledge and let people keep your insurance even if it means changing the law. the housebroken are readying a bill to do just that on the house floor this week. the house oversight government reform committee kicked off today a series of hearings looking at the rollout of the affordable care act. our coverage on www.c-span.org 9:30 this morning. meanwhile, house and senate conferees meet this morning to hash out a covert seal on c- span3 -- out a coverage deal on c-span3. democrats, dial (202) 585-3880, republicans (202) 585-3881, and independents, all others (202) 585-3882. also, send us a tweet @cspanwj, or jointly cumbers comers asian on facebook.com/c-span, -- or join the conversation on facebook.com/c-span. it isn'tolson says -- president obama's fault that these companies have offered substandard plants designed to be revoked. clinton has been a good social club -- soldier, but he should recognize that he is wrong here. sheryl says they are moving toward total government health care -- that is what the
, president obama weighs in on the filibuster rule. we spoke with a reporter for some background. >> joining us from capitol hill, errett from politico. what brought here he read to this point where he felt he needed to change the filibuster rule? tell you it is unprecedented obstruction by the republicans specifically with the important d c court of appeals nominations. there were three blocked in thee weeks to argue that workload does not justify the confirmation that senator reed and his democratic caucus decided that republicans were just trying to keep obama from the filling of constitutional duties. >> this [floodgates. from this point on, will senator reed be able to bring those nominees in for a quick vote, for example? the would not say quick but 60 vote threshold has been eliminated and as soon as they change the rules they brought up a nominee and they got over the procedural hurdle with only 55 votes. they used the power very quickly. however, there are still very arcane procedural things that require long delays between votes and republicans refuse to give consent. things will n
one of the ones that is going to be there is more see. morsi is obama's best friend. bob from baton rouge, louisiana. thanks recall. -- thanks for the call. can check out his remarks at c-span.org. this morning's front page of "the new york times." the president will be campaigning in northern virginia . chris christie is expected to win in new jersey. democrat barbara bona is challenging the new jersey republican. that story front page of "the new york times." a look at the statistics courtesy of the gallup organization to give your sense of just where the country was back in the 1950s during the start of the eisenhower administration on the question of whether or not you feel there is a opportunity to move ahead in america. back in 1952, eight percent said not much of an opportunity .umber 87% said yes we show you how to change over the years as we listen to joe, who's joining us from bethesda, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. great show, really appreciated. this is absolutely still the land of opportunity. challenged just like a government to live within the m
: democrats have figured out that this is the way to win elections. barack obama now terry mcauliffe used it very effectively. if you look at the demographics of who elected terry mcauliffe, look at the cohort for unmarried women. i think he won that by 40%. it's ridiculous. clearly, those ads targeting ken cucinelli saying he is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest, these issues when they are run over and over hit home. chris christie was not a victim of this. i just wrote a piece where i think he needs to be very careful. he gets in the face of teachers and says to do your job. imagine him doing that in davenport, iowa to a teacher and imagine that teacher big coming and that could be the start of a war on women. if chris christie has -- uses his confrontational style which is fun now, you can see very easily how they could take some teacher and make them into a cause celebre and chris christie could be a bully and not in a good way. host: these are the exit polls out of virginia. look at the female vote -- terry mcauliffe got 51% of the female vote. ken cucinelli got
is an urgent president obama and myself and we know that we are one of the largest contributors to the problem. there are 20 nations that contribute over 90% of the problem. that is why president obama unveiled the new climate action plan to drive more aggressive to mystic policy on climate change than ever before and the good news is the agenda he has put together is one specifically designed to be done by administrative order so you do not have to wait for congress to act. >> coming up, the conversation with lyrical house reporter cal cheney. and a look at health care price caps. streamline theo way the pentagon does business. the senate foreign relations had the response to the typhoon that hit earlier this month. officials will testify tomorrow morning live it 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three. law enforcement and regulatory officials will take questions about digital currencies such as the bitcoin. live coverage at 330 a.m. eastern also on c-span3. >> every weekend since 1998, book tv has brought you the top nonfiction authors including hannah rosen. quick thinking recently women's ident
in order to try to advance the obama administration's regulatory agenda and they just broke the senate rules in order to exercise the power grab. so i would sum it up by saying it is a sad day in the history of the senate. after today, advise and consent probably means to them 100% consent. senator alexander would give you statistics on how common the rejection of nominees has been in the past because i think it will be eye-opening for you. >> thank you. in my view, this is the most important and most dangerous restructuring of senate rules since thomas jefferson wrote them at the beginning of our country. it is really not about the filibuster. it is another raw exercise of political power to permit the majority to do anything it wants whenever it wants to do it. it is obamacare ii in that sense. as senator levin said, after world war ii, a united states senate in which the majority can do anything it wants any time it wants is a senate without rules. it would be like the red sox falling behind in boston and saying to the cardinals, well, where the home team so we will add a few inning
barack obama, are under regular attack from conservatives about being weak militarily, not strengthening the military of the country. and kennedy wanted to avoid that. but i do not know if anything happened between he and the president during that trip, but kennedy knew just as much as the french new about what was once french indochina in which we wanted the french out. but then to prove how tough we were, we went in there, and as colin powell years later said in another context, we broke it. we broke vietnam. jack kennedy, president kennedy, twice signed off on two plots in vietnam. once in august of 1963 and then again on november 1 of 1963 when we told the general in saigon that we would not interfere if they tried to overthrow, which they did immediately and killed him immediately. and all of this is forgotten in history largely because kennedy was dead weeks later. as the years went on, the war became more unpopular. some journalists would say kennedy intended to get out. maybe he did. but it is a hell of a lot easier to get in then get out of situations like that, as we have learn
a website called your republican uncle -- yourre publicanuncle.com. responses.uggested myths, obama is a government takeover of the health care system. let's be honest, the affordable care act was born out of ideas originally proposed by republicans. it breaks it up into various categories, if you go into the twitter page, it gives facts you can discuss and agree with, such as fact six, you can agree over things giving dinner -- healthcare.gov is still broken. agree on -- you can iety ofre var responses to various political issues. maybe like to talk about politics, maybe you do not. give your thoughts. not only a few talk politics during the holiday, but also how that goes as far as the family and friends that you associate with. you can give us your thoughts on the phone this morning. democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (202) 585-3881. and independents, (202) 585- 3882. if you want to give us your thoughts on thanksgiving and if it is a time to talk politics, you can do so on our twitter page, @cspanwj. page, go to our facebook there's a poll you can participate in. about 30 p
-- important that i think i supported president obama's attempt to meet his initiative in the spirit in which we would like to believe it's been given. there are no guarantees. there are no guarantees. but having said that the planet earth is less of a place with iran in a box that we really do need to try and find a way without giving away the farm the way we did in syria i might add to try and find a accommodation with iran. maybe it won't work. maybe it won't work. the ironny about this and the unusual characteristic is that the rouhani initiative to the u.s. and president obama's response has driven i ran and saudda arabia into the same corner. that is quite an achievement. israel and saudda -- saudi arabia are both very uncomfortable. what some israelis believe and probably more saudis believe is that they are doing this to buy time, they are not sincere, they don't mean it. he will not be able to deliver and they believe that iran will do what i believe assad is doing with the chemical weapons program. and in a sense, if you accept that accusation about syria, it certainly deserves to b
gas production on federal lands. but unfortunately the obama administration is actively and purposely keeping these resources off-limits. leasing and permitting delays, regulatory hurdles and ever-changing rules are few of the reasons energy production on federal lands is in decline. president obama has had the four lowest years of federal acres leased for energy production going back to 1988. under his administration, the average time -- the average time, madam chairman, to get a drilling permit on federal lands is 307 days. by contrast, it takes an average of only 10 days in north dakota to get a permit, and another example in colorado, it only takes 27 days. so it's no wonder that state lands are flourishing while federal lands are experiencing a decrease in energy protux. that's unacceptable. -- production. that's unacceptable, and this bill will unlack the shackles that have been placed on our federal lands. h.r. 1965, the federal lands, job and energy security act, is a package of bills that will help us expand, oil, natural gas and renewable energy production on public lands. i
exchanges is prompting congress to extend various deadlines. new polls are showing president obama's job approval is continuing to slide. we are posing questions to democrats, are you concerned that the affordable care act and the issues will hurt the party in the 2014 and 2016 election? that is the question we pose to democrats. we want to hear from you. the phone lines are open. democrats in the eastern and central united states can call in at 202-585-3880. if you are in the mountain or pacific part of the united states, 202-585-3881. you can also catch us on your favorite social media pages, twitter, facebook, or e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. a good saturday morning to you. we want to begin with this headline from "the wall street journal closed quote -- -- "the wall street journal" -- the lessons learned from that accordingone of them, to "the wall street journal" -- we are posing our question to democrats this morning, asking if you are concerned about this early start to the affordable care act, whether it is going to hurt the party in 2014. as we do that i want to show you a n
in the minds of those of you old enough to remember where you were 50 years ago. president obama is calling this a day of her membranes for john f. kennedy. the flag at the u.s. capitol is half-staff. a tribute to our president who died in dallas a half-century ago. this is the scene at arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for president kennedy and members of his family. we are focusing on both of these stories. we want to begin on the issue of the nuclear option. the senate action -- we want to hear from you. the numbers are on your screen. join us on facebook, send us an e-mail come a or send us a tweet. let's take a look at some of the headlines from the l.a. times. here in washington is the front page. the senate curbs the filibuster. that is the story above the fold. there is this from the dallas morning news. his courage still inspires us. the kids of 1963. this is available online at their website. story might imagine, the in the u.s. senate -- it eliminates filibusters on most nominees. here are the details. dramatic step the of eliminating filibusters for most nomin
it better. stop carping about this. get over it. it's the law. it's the legacy of barack obama and always will be. let's get over this and stop the mischievous, misfortunate speeches out here every day about how bad it is. talk about the good things in this bill, and help us to make it better. now, mr. president, this afternoon this senate will vote to advance the employment nondiscrimination abilit act, legislation that would protect all americans from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. vote on final passage will occur shortly after the caucus, and that actually will start before the caucus votes -- i mean, before the caucus adjourns. so we'll start voting at 1:45 this afternoon. i do hope and expect a bipartisan vote, a good one, to extend safeguards against workplace harassment and discrimination to every american. the time has come for congress to pass a federal law that ensures all citizens, regardless of where they live, can go to work not afraid of who they are. more than 80% of the american people feel that is already the law. they feel that is already the law.
obama and dreamworks animation in glendale, studio of, and that's movie producer jeffrey one of the president's top supporters. after spending three days on the the president is heading back to washington where pardon the thanksgiving turkey and a ceremony in the garden. later on today, today's guest is nahs nasa administrator and he life and space agency. and from simmons college in oston a discussion about women in politics. nd the city councilman talks about differences between men to did n when it comes he deciding to run for office. >> the goal is to operate with a entitlement.nse of to say i'm deserving in that opportunity and i'm prepared and qualified. but it's all those other nag insecurities and doubts that get way.e says that t takes a minimum of seven people to woman to run for office. how you venture to guess many it takes a man? >> himself. is not a joke. was recruited to run foroffice, that is the case most women. was not in some corner politically calculating my asession. was an aid to senator john aid enjoyed being the person behind the person. pri ask w man
at the latest developments in obama care strictly from a policy point of view, whether it's the president's executive order or the upton bill or what mary landrieu is working on -- >> mm-hmm. >> wouldn't allowing people who have these individual plans to keep their plans, wouldn't that mess up the overall concept in obama care because hopefully the people in the individual plans were more healthy and they remove them from the overall population. it messes them up. just the idea of allowing a certain segment to keep its plan. wouldn't that have a negative effect overall on the affordable care act? >> well, while that may be true, i'm sure any change will have an effect. i think the bigger, broader effect is on the individual lives of people who are now getting plans they can no longer afford. by that, i mean you look at premium increases that are going up hundreds of dollars a month -- sometimes $1,000 a month. it's a wide range. some people will get subsidies and support and pay less. but there's this group in the middle who make just enough -- they get no subsidy, and the price of their
. everyone knew that they would be poor, and yesterday, president obama did not have anything direct to say about them, but the administration was upbeat. they said the people are online and shopping in the marketplace. they predicted that enrollment would ramp up over time, which is what we have seen in other programs like medicare part d come and the massachusetts help reform that was obamacare's predecessor. most people tend to sign up for coverage closer deadlines, so that is what the administration hopes will vindicate them after the first month, which did not go well. host: but if the deadline is not until march, why were expectations so high to begin with? people do not have to sign up until later. guest: that is right here at march is a key deadline because it is obviously the end of a six-month enrollment period. the other date is december 15, which is when people choose plans if they want them to kick in in january. there are a lot of people losing their coverage right now and they're going to want to remain insured, and for them, the middle of december is the crucial deadline. th
even the court has agreed to recovery about a dispute over president obama's health care law, whether businesses can use limitous objection to health care. now a discussion on the middle east foreign policy in the second administration. a number of speakers including former ambassador dennis ross. who is incredibly distinguished public service career, stretching back to the jimmy carter administration. he is the author of multiple books on the middle east. he has had senior policy roles on the middle east in the obama administration, clinical advisor athillary rodham clinton, the capitol institute for near east policy. to his immediate left is robert kaplan who is about to publish his 15th book. one of the most distinguished journalists in the country. his books are on every subject imaginable from the indian ocean to the afghan mujahedin to the book on the south china sea, gold standards in their subject areas. and very shorter, president and ceo of the new america foundation, director of policy planning at the woodrow wilson school. on my left, thomas donnelly runs the defense studi
's explore enacting the mandatory savings contained in president obama's own budget. president obama has outlined budget savings in the entitlement programs that were courageous, difficult, but they do not cut benefits. these proposals do not cut social security. they do not cut medicaid. no one is suggesting, as has been alluded to, suggested by some members of this conference committee that there is a proposal to slash benefits or cut benefits. all we're talking about and all the president is talking about in the mandatory proposed savings in his own budget is slowing the growth rate of these very important programs to save our nation from a fiscal and debt crisis and to save the very valuable programs. i think those are the sweet spot. tax reform to give us economic growth and savings in the growth rate of our mandatory programs. i hope we can rise to the occasion and be problem solvers for the american people. >> thank you. senator kaine. >> thank you. good to be with colleagues on this. one thing i want to do is confound the cynics who have low expectations of us. there have been ye
that we would go from fiscal issues to obama issues that would obscure the strong points of the republican message which is fiscal issues. that is strong at the grassroots. the reason i signed on and the reason i stayed on is because when you vote against obamacare, and when you vote to repeal it, and you say you're going to do what you can because you think it is bad for the country, i don't think i should abandon that. >> you heard from kathleen sebelius this past week. what is your confidence level that healthcare.gov will be working after november 30? >> it will not be. the website in and of itself is a symptom of bigger problems. it kind of obscures these bigger problems. there is a lot of problems beyond that that even if they do get the website working, they will find out that they are not going to get the number of young people in they want. they will find people turned off from the promise that if you like it you can keep it, your health insurance or your doctor. they will see their premiums go up and all those things will be major problems for obama care. that was best reflected
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